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Green Sukabumi Stone Rough Face Finishing
Green Sukabumi Stone Honed Finishing

Green Sukabumi stone making your pool look aesthetically pleasing, choose natural stone tiles, as they give your pool a sophisticated style while at the same time, achieving slip resistance. Natural stone tiles are specified by artists, interior designers, and landscape artists, to give a timeless, and very organic appearance. Bali Greatest Stone would like to introduce our new range of pool tiles, the Sukabumi Green tiles, which come in many sizes. They are longer lasting than artificial stone tiles and are resistance to corrosion. Also known as quartzite-green stone, Sukabumi green is a type of quartzite that has a distinct greenish hue.
Black Lava Stone Indoensia

 Black Lava Stone Bullnose
Black Lava Stone is Origin from volcano mountain in indonesia. Black Lava Stone have very strong, resistant from all condition, like wet, dry, rainy season and Summer season because this stone is form by high temperature Volcanoes Material. Lava Stone very elegant use to pool tiles, pool deck, wall, tiles.
White Classic Limestone Indonesia

Application of White Classic Limestone Indonesia

White Limestone Indonesia has elegant and beautiful texture for tiles, pool deck, wall. White Limestone Indonesia just can found in Central Java (Indonesia). This texture stone likes palimanan sandstone, but has stronger material from sandstone. 

Ivory Cream Limestone Rough Face (Wet Condition)

Ivory Cream Limestone Honed

Hexagonal Ivory Cream Limestone

Ivory Cream Limestone Indonesia has elegant and beautiful texture. Ivory Cream Limestone usually use for tiles, pool deck, wall. Ivory Cream Limestone Indonesia just can found in Central Java (Indonesia). This texture stone liken Yellow Palimanan Sandstone, but has stronger material from sandstone.   
Andesite Stone Flamed Finishing

Andesite Honed Finishing

Andesite Stone Tiles is a type of volcanic igneous rock with composition and texture between specific subduksitektonik commonly found in the environment in the border region on the west coast of the ocean such as South America or areas with high volcanic activity, such as Indonesia. Andesite Tiles name derived from the name of the Andes Mountains.
Yellow Palimanan Sandstone Tiles
Yellow Sandstone Tiles Indonesia including sand or sandstone rock types formed from grains of sand through sand process is less powerful and some have very weak. Generally light colored (white, beige) and a lot of that has veins. However, to have a Yellow Palimanan Sandstone rock hardness / density is quite high compared to other stones like Yellow Sandstone Natural Stone, Sandstone Wall, Sandstone Price or sandstone tile flooring. Average surface texture smooth and moderate. There is a moderate level of homogeneity is high up there. Additionally sandstone yellow colored drawstring to add a natural impression in your house yellow.

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