Paras Kerobokan Stone Indonesia, The Elegant Bali Brown Stone

Paras Kerobokan Stone is one traditional sandstone with black spot on the stone. Bali Kerobokan Tiles same with Sandstone because they are soft rock. Kerobokan Bali Stone can found in very famous island from indonesia in the world (Bali). In Bali we can found the stone applied to wall, tiles of building. 

Bali is one of viscous-culture environment in indonesia because has many event and activity depend with culture. Bali's Culture is very traditional culture come from previous descent. With Traditional Culture, Bali has traditional stone tiles, they call it Paras Kerobokan Bali Stone Tiles. Kerobokan Tiles Look Traditional Stone tiles because has Traditional Grey with Black spot Texture. 

Keorbokan Sandstone Tiles Indonesia Usually used for wall because when used for tiles, Paras Kerobokan need more thickness. Thickness for tiles are more then other stone because this stone is soft stone and not has high hardness. When Used for tiles, this stone will get load from people walking. So choose the right thickness for your Project before applied it. We can help you to make decision for thickness of your stone tiles, Please don't hesitate to contact us.

1. Type and Standard Size we Produce

Sawn Cut (Top) and Honed (Bottom)

We are Manufacture from Indonesia, We can produce many size and Type of Stone tiles especially for Paras Kerobokan Indonesia. Usually the standard size we produce are (200 x 200, 200x400, 300x300, 300x600, 400x400) mm with Thickness : +/- 20 mm, +/-30 mm, +/- 40 mm. We are supplier High Quality Paras Kerobokan direct from Manufacture with pre-selected and have been sawn straight. Please note the standard accepted within the natural stone industry are tolerance variations of +/- 1 mm until +/- 2 mm. If you just want thickness tolerance +/-1 mm, we can produce it because we are Manufacture.
Sawn Cut Kerobokan Sandstone

For Kerobokan Bali Stone we can finishing with Sawn Cut, Honed, Rough Face Finishing, etc. Sawn Cut Finishing meaning Machine Cut Finishing Without Honed to get more smoothest Tile. For Special/Custom Size, Please Contact US.

2. Substance of Bali Kerobokan Stone Tiles

Herewith some substance which is contains in Kerobokan according the laboratory test:

3. Application Paras Kerobokan Bali

Application of Paras Kerobokan used for Wall, Tiles and Floor. As the result you will get traditional view. In below you can see Application of Slate Stone Indonesia :
Bali Kerobokan Stone Wall and Stairs
Source :

For Elegant Outdoor Wall

For Elegant Outdoor Wall with Kerobokan Tiles
Source :
If you would like to know more about our Stone Tiles especially Green Stone SukabumiKerobokan Stone TilesWhite Limestone Jogja, Cream Limestone Jogja, Lava Stone Indonesia, Slate, Black Basalt, Andesite, Yellow Sandstone, etc. Please Contact Us :

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